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Listen to Kiri's Radio Interview about peace circles

When people gather in circles magic happens.
We listen with our hearts to one another.
We respect one another’s experience and opinion.
We are witnesses for one another, without judgment.
We share our authentic expression.
We honor confidentiality.
We allow the place of “not – knowing”
and trust to guide our inquiry.

Circles have proven to be an anchor for transformation in the life of a participant. Through deep compassionate listening and honest sharing of personal experiences peace is felt within and ripples out. 

There are many forms of Restorative Justice Peace Circles. Peace Circles LLC focuses primarily on preventative circles which are loosely based on the Native practices of many ancient cultures. Most of our native ancestors built their communities in the round, holding council circles to communicate, solve problems and make decisions. This allowed those who sat in circle the opportunity for all people present to be seen and equally respected.  When introducing any of the styles described in this web site, we refer to, with great respect and humbly honor native cultures around the world.

All circles are “listening circles” utilizing a talking piece that is passed around. While holding this piece, the speaker is given the full attention and respect of all who witness and listen with their hearts.  Before we begin, we set guidelines and agreements for how the circle will be conducted. The format is determined by the facilitator dependent upon the specific group; i.e. age, setting, environment and purpose for circle.

In elementary schools, the weekly community building Peacekeeper Circles are an ideal format for primary classrooms to help children learn how their behavior affects their peers. They learn how to express their feelings and needs so they are able to resolve conflict and learn through the reflections of others. Watch the video.

The middle and high school Peace Circle format is similar to the Community Circles where time is spent listening to the perspective of others. Focused listening breaks down barriers to expose our similarities and embrace differences.  These exchanges build bridges of caring and compassion between people who were thought to be very different or even opposing.

For adults, Peace Circles LLC offers TLC (Talking, Listening, Council ) Circles. These circles offer a way to explore how peace is experienced through oneself, within interpersonal relationships, among the community and with the world as a whole.

Soul Peace Circles support individuals who long to explore their spiritual life. There is great reward in coming together as a group to explore and encourage the spiritual passion and evolution of one another.  This year long program allows individuals to come together to discover their personal relationship to their sacred connection with the divine.