Why join a group like this?
because "MYSTERY LOVES COMPANY" and Mindfulness takes practice.

  • Maybe you’re looking for a sense of peace and/or how spirit is alive in your life in this moment.
  • How would it feel if some of your “life's big questions” were to fall upon compassionate ears in a safe environment? Would it help you to validate and understand what you are experiencing?
  • Are you making big decisions, or experiencing changes in your life?
  • Maybe you are asking: why me, why now, what can I do, or what is this all about?
  • Maybe you are at a crossroads in your life where looking for meaning, purpose and understanding is consuming. Sharing time with others may be comforting and supportive.
  • Do you want to be heard as you explore what is currently flowing through and around you?
  • OR Maybe you'd just like to explore the mystery.

The truth is, You already have the answers within. However it's helpful to talk or listen with another to hear what is alive in the moment, without being distracted by your own internal repetative dialogue. Talking to other's who are willing to listen and witness without an agenda of fixing or resolving can help. The group can encourage, reflect and nurture what arises. Compassionate friends can be helpful in times of questioning, confusion or decision-making.

In the group process we use silence as a teacher. Each person has equal opportunity to have the group’s full attention and compassionate listening attunement. We listen for how spirit is moving in our lives and how our longings are meeting our dreams and manifestations.
This is sacred time a gift for yourself an opportunity to leave the chaos of everyday life behind and explore your unique spirit connection with your soul and the community.

Note: This is not a therapy group.

Fort Collins, Colorado



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