Excitement is in the air as school bells ring. The heat of summer not even over and our children are in classrooms with 20 or so new friends, a new teacher and in a new grade. Once the newness wears off the students settle into classroom routines and relationships get established.

Recess (every ones favorite part of school) brings interactive fun and can often bring challenge. Relationships take work, communication is key to understanding how to build healthy relationships with peers. As teachers have noticed when grouping students for math or reading, if there has been conflict between them, the groups are less successful in accomplishing their assignments.

Once a teacher implements the peacekeeper circle model in their classroom they rely on the simple and manageable technique where students express and listen to classmates resolving conflict and rebuilding connection. Enhancing communication and establishing functional interaction between those who may have seen things differently, is key for co-operative learning and playful environments.

Over 50 elementary school teachers in the Poudre school district have been trained to use this Peacekeeper Circle process in their classrooms weekly. This tool is being recognized as a way to build co-operative community as a school culture of compassion and caring.

The generous support of several local private foundations and individuals has made it possible to offer the in-classroom training for 22 new teachers beginning in September at Riffenburgh and Tavelli Elementary schools. This amounts to half of each school that will be trained and the principals of both are enthusiastic about being leaders in their community to offer this Preventative Restorative Justice training and model to all of their teachers and students.

It is with deep appreciation and gratitude for their visionary support of the Peacekeeper program that we acknowledge the following individuals and foundations: Nurturing Life Foundation funded by Mother Love Herbal Company, John and Cheryl Beckett, Jeff Lebesch and Zia Zybko, Sisu Brothers LLC, Eileen Yager and a few anonymous donors.

We are all aware of the limited funding that our schools have to implement innovative social emotional programs. Therefore, because of the insight that these donors have, we are able to support and invest in a pro-active tool to encourage and promote emotional well being of our youth, our future leaders.

Please visit Peacekeeper page for more information. If you or anyone you know is interested in assisting with financial support for furthering the training to complete these two schools and the next two who are in line for training, please contact Kiri@peacecircles.com. Any size donations are tax deductable and are used to provide a life skill to elementary students and teachers.

What better investment can we make for the betterment of humankind?

Fort Collins, Colorado



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