Excitement abounds with the delivery of our Family Work-Together Booklet

For years I would see children around town, who offered sweet greetings and hugs. Their families wondered who I was, the children introduce me as Ms. KIRI “she teaches Peacekeeper in our classroom”. Some parents knew about it, many didn’t. The message came loud and clear, in order for this restorative communication skill to be effective beyond the classroom, I needed to find a way to help the children introduce it to their families.

The children are being encourage to “teach their parents well” (like Crosby, Stills and Nash) sang many years ago. So as a gift to the families, the children are bringing this brand new booklet about Peacekeeper skills and language HOME for the Holidays to share with their families.

Anyone who completes the survey on our web site will be entered in a drawing to win a Peaceful Heart Banner for their families. (the same one used as a center piece in all classroom circles).

Fort Collins, Colorado



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