This is an invitation to join a year long “Soul Peace Group”( and/or) a six-week TLC-peace circle both starting in January in Fort Collins. Check out for more details.

As I sit in the deep quiet morning of the shortest day, longest night of the year, I notice the stillness. I rest and relish this gift of having nothing to do, nowhere to be and no one to talk with. I am focusing on resolving anything that needs my attention. Taking action and physically “doing” has it’s place and equally I “know” that being with and in the moment and reflecting on my life, my relationships, my dreams and my passions, requires some “down time”, an incubation moment where rest and silence show me how to proceed. Lately, I’ve been speaking about re-calibration.

This time of year and the ending of this cycle of this year in particular, (with what the Mayans have suggested as an ending), many of us are focusing on the beginning, a new opportunity of our evolution as a culture on this planet. I resonate with this challenge to transform what was and feel optimistic in our consciousness raising ability to illuminate what we know is possible. I am not in denial, I see and experience polar opposites and I see and facilitate reconciliation. I am feeling and witnessing pain and suffering yet I also witness the extension of compassion like never before.

Recently, I’ve been asking anyone with whom I come in contact, “What are you birthing?” “What are you genuinely here to bring out into this world that is uniquely yours to bring?” And now I add, “If not now, WHEN?”

I’ve been labeled “a seeker” all of my life, this path has provided many obstacles to overcome and challenges to transform into what I call, growth opportunities. I say “Bring em on”. Are you one of those who ask “why am I here”? Or “what is my purpose? “ I have discovered that those willing to sit with the unknowing often come into dark places that feel scary and relentless. However, by committing to sit in and be with the unknown, we are often given messages that illuminate the way. As we know, it isn’t instantaneous it’s a progression.

I’ve learned through trial and error that we have to “let it be” and “take it as it comes” and listen in the silence to what we are really thinking and experiencing. When was the last time you took an opportunity to give yourself the gift of listening in the silence?

This is a call to those interested in self-nurturance and reflection. If you feel drawn to be part of a year-long (non-virtual) –“in person” monthly group where you have the opportunity to listen in the silence and reflect with others about your deepest yearnings and leanings come join us and take a journey into the unknown to discover the real you that is being called to show up and be authentic and enthusiastic at a critical moment in time “NOW”.

OR MAYBe you’d prefer a 6-week practice of peacemaking that focuses on inner peace.

January is a great time to begin again.

Contact KIRI either by email or phone 970-493-1427.

Fort Collins, Colorado



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