Being a Peace Circle Facilitator, I feel privileged to witness the effectiveness that Peace Circles have on communities, in elementary and high schools, organizations and private groups. This encourages me to keep exploring any new opportunities to offer training and facilitation. So “a-blogging” I go.

“Listening to the children” is not only my career, it is a gift that keeps giving. When I observe the joy it brings to the hearts of young people who are given a safe place to speak honest feelings, needs and concerns it motivates me to blog, blog, blog about it. The children are learning what it takes to build healthy friendships and resolve conflict, by recognizing kindnesses, airing grievances and making full hearted apologies. Skills needed for life. If you haven’t done so already, I know you will enjoy watching the video on the peacekeeper page, it will undoubtedly warm your heart.

Not just in classrooms but in organizations there is great need for people to co-operate, which can be thwarted by communication breakdowns. Expressing how actions affect others can be difficult, awkward and intimidating. Having tools for successful social interaction and communication is a necessary component for building healthy culture in schools, organization and communities. When offered a safe place and communication tools to explore interpersonal relationships, participants become more aware of one another’s value and compassion is built. Building a caring and compassionate society is worth blogging about. Don’t you think? Check out how adults can participate in peacecircles.

Bullying unfortunately is a behavior used to get what one wants. Peacekeeper Circles teach elementary aged students the skills of asking for what one needs in a polite, respectful, and kind manner, which inevitably de-escalates aggressive behavior. In High Schools, bullying is prevalent and as we have seen can cause drastic outcomes. It is only one of the many intense life issues kids deal with on a daily basis. Beyond the bullying epidemic, many kids are struggling with depression, suicide, cutting, drugs, anorexia, (to name a few), all leading to: poor attendance and grades, increased drop out rates, and suspensions. The unspoken and unseen sense of loneliness is prolific. The kids feel unable to connect genuinely with each other, which creates a drastic lack of any possible sense of belonging. Hence, schools are struggling to keep kids attention.

Helping reduce the pain and fear through the Peace Circle experience, students can create relationships that support bonding and promote compassion and an interest in learning. Having a productive and enjoyable high school experience is paramount and encourages me to blog about the effectiveness of how Peace Circles help to build healthy communities within high schools. When students are provided an opportunity to talk with their peers in a safe environment they often reveal their deepest feelings and experience a taste of how having a sense of belonging can help them heal their wounds and become more productive members of society. Read more.

To learn more about the process of providing opportunities to participate in Peace circles in schools and beyond please read more on this web site, or email us for more information.

Blog,blog,blog…..or is that bla,bla, bla, or seasonally fa, la, la, la, la….And joyfully ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…..

May your holidays bring peace on Earth.


Fort Collins, Colorado



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