Peacekeeper circles are catching on fire. The excitement of schools, principals and teachers is rippling out to a bigger demographic. The current process of writing a grant is creating another ripple wave. We are on fire to raise awareness and funds because we have a goal for this fall to be training 10 classroom teachers at two schools (20 in total) in Fort Collins, Co. and possibly also training a few classes near Colorado Springs. This grant writing process is causing us to search for other funding sources to ensure that funds are in place to have a trainer available to train 20 teachers and over 400 children.

Once that is accomplished the trainer will begin to teach other trainers so that when these circles take off like the wild fires here in Fort Collins, PeaceKeeper circles can spread like these crazy fires without all the fear, anxiety and loss. Peacekeeper circles like disasters help build community. Natural disaster cause people to show up and support their neighbors and anyone with whom they have this set-back in common. Peace circles aim to offer language for people to help them understand different perspectives and feel for themselves what needs to be done to improve a situation.

Funding is imperative to grow. If you have any funding ideas to share or want to help fund this project stay tuned for the new opportunities that we are exploring. Sustainable support will not only help launch this project but will ignite peacekeeper awareness helping to build a more compassion and caring youth population. We don't want to wait for natural disasters to occur to experience respectful and genuine communication of needs and feelings. If we plant these seeds now for our youth, we will be planting seeds for a more peaceful and cooperative society, one filled with love and respect and less based on fear, greed and denial.

Fort Collins, Colorado



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